IOTA Review

IOTA – Find Out What The Whole Deal Is About

f you are some of us, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, then you must have heard about the IOTA cryptocurrency. But what is the big deal about it? I mean there are tons of crypto currencies out there right now. Why should you be bothered about another blockchain product? Wait, did I just said blockchain? Oh, pardon me! Well, the thing is… that IOTA isn’t a blockchain technology at all. Not a little bit. Are you surprised? Then stay with us and read down below to find out more details on this one.

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Ripple Currency

Ripple Review: the Next Bitcoin is Coming?

Ripple is yet another blockchain solution that we would like to discuss in today’s post. The infrastructure for payments that we are using today was created long time ago before the Internet was even developed. And despite the whole global technological progress the infrastructure behind the payments is still almost identical to the one it was long time ago. Ripple’s general aim is to create a totally new payment structure that wouldn’t have all those cons like low speed and high costs that are so typical for old infrastructure of payments we are using now.

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Bitcoin Review: What You Should Know About The Largest Crypto Currency in The World?

  We definitely can say that 2017 was a big year for crypto currency. If you haven’t heard about Bitcoin during the last days then you probably live under the rock, no offense. At least that is the only logical reason that I can find. Because even grandmas nowadays know or at least have heard something about Bitcoin. You can hear people talking about them everywhere starting with the barbershops and subway and ending with the grandmas that we’ve already mentioned. But the whole crypto currency topic is so big that it is too hard to put it in one article. So today instead of reviewing the cryptocurrency world I… Read More

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Bitcoin Cash Review

Bitcoin.Cash – What you need to know before getting into it

  Few months has been gone but Bitcoin.Cash is still very popular crypto currency on the market despite the critics that were saying it is going to fall off. During the whole history of Bitcoin there always have been disagreements regarding different things about it and how it should proceed. So it was just a question of time when Bitcoin will gonna have its’ hardfork. It happened during the August 2017 and that is how Bitcoin Cash was born. In today’s article we are going to explain why the hardfork happened and should you consider using Bitcoin.Cash.

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STELLAR Cryptocurrency Review


  Stellar is yet another platform that is using all the benefits of blockchain to make money related operations easy and fast for everyone. As it expected this blockchain is also decentralized and totally open-source. It was made to make international transactions easy and fast. Unlike with the banks and other payment networks they give all their participants the same level of privileges.

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Yobit Review

Yobit stock exchange: is it that good?

Yobit is quite popular stock exchange in the world of cryptocurrencies with its’ 5 millions of users that come to this website every month in order to trade their digital currency. They are working four years already to please their customers. At the moment we definitely can call Yobit as a most comfortable place to trade digital currency for ex-USSR country citizens. According to the digits Yobit is really popular among Russian speaking traders. Of course there are some cons too (we will break them down below). But there are also lots of cool and even unique tools. So every person that is working with crypto currency will find something… Read More

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CARDANO: Everything you need to know

Cardano is another crypto related platform that claims to be the next best thing. It can possibly become the next generation blockchain. Its’ main key feature is that it maintains its’ clients’ privacy and protects them through an innovative design. The whole software thing was developed that way it could meet current system standards. Cardano was made by one of the early Ethereum founders that left his project before the Ethereum network actually got launched.

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Hashflare Review

Hashflare Review: Worth Trying?

  Hashflare is something that makes mining cryptocurrencies available for masses. Now people don’t need to buy expensive hardware and read tons of articles to choose the right equipment. All you have to do is select hashpower and start to generate revenue from mining. Another good thing about this way of mining is that your earning will be much more predictable than if you mine by yourself. And since hashrates are starting just from 10GH/s you won’t need to invest lots of money in order to join the cloud miner community.

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