Blockchain Capital gets 25 million dollars from Ripple

Ripple has invested 25 million dollars into new cryptocurrency stock Blockchain Capital

Finance and payment solution supplier Ripple has invested 25 million bucks into new cryptocurrency stock of California’s company called Blockchain Capital. That’s what their official Twitter-page tells us. All of the investments are sent to Blockchain Capital Parallel IV. It was created during 2017 year as stock for financing perspective Bitcoin- and Blockchain-startups. During the March Blockchain Capital Parallel IV has announced about getting record numbers for crypto currency industry: 150 million dollars from the various investors and companies using the trust management of family capital. The funds that are received from Ripple will be used for separate target mechanism of developer teams that are using Blockchain technology in their… Read More

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Telegram ICO

Ex-colleague of Durov’s: Telegram might disappear from App Store and Google Play

Telegram was getting really popular lately. People even stopped using Facebook and Vkontakte in order to use Pavel Durov’s new social network. But recently Roskomnadzor decided to close it because the social network’s dev team decided not to give their encryption keys to FSB. Right now messenger is still working but it is only because the fact that there are still some negotiations going on. It is still totally unclear when the whole blocking or the law process is going to happen. One of the reasons for this uncertainty is that this kind of thing happens for the first time in history.

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Ripple offers money Coinbase

Ripple is offering money Coinbase and Gemini to be listed on the exchanges

Bloomberg claims that Ripple was offering money to large American exchanges like Coinbase so they would list XRP currency on their websites. Ripple is ready to offer financial stimulation to largest American exchanges. According to the source, Ripple was offering 1 million dollars of cash to the Gemini exchange owners so they would include XRP.

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Bitfinex and El Petro

Steven Seagal leaves his Bitcoin project and Bitfinex refuses to work with Venezuela

Before we start talking about Bitfinex, I would like to note that Steven Seagal has left Bitcoiin project with its’ owner after they have raised 75 million dollars with ICO. So as the title says, it’s been announced that Bitcoiin2Gen project got left by its’ creator and brand-ambassador Steven Seagal after they have finished ICO campaign. Soft Cap says there were raised 75 million dollars during that ICO and there still are some tokens in limited amount that you can sell. In separate press-release Bitcoiin2Gen team thanks all the investors, anonymous persons and of course the Steven Seagal himself. It’s been considered that this step was taken in terms of… Read More

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Ethereum Price Chart

Altcoin price analysis: getting up from the abyss

In this article we will be talking with you about Altcoin price changes during the last month. So, let’s start… First of all, during the last week cryptocurrency market capitalization was going down whole time until it has reached the point of 275 billion dollars during the 18th of March. But soon after that market started to show a confident resurrection. At this moment the cryptocurrency market capitalization is more than 350 billion dollars. The Bitcoin price increased a lot and now is on the 9000$ level. Its’ share in cryptocurrency market capitalization has increased by 2 percent and now it’s 43,6 percent. Unlike the Bitcoin, Ethereum share in overall… Read More

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Google wants to ban ICO ads

Google and Yandex against ICO advertisements

Google will officially forbid the cryptocurrency and ICO advertisements during the June. The biggest search engine out there is going to change its’ politics about financial products during this year’s June. Guys are going to forbid the advertisement of cryptocurrency and its’ related content including the ICOs, cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency wallets and trader recommendations. That’s what the official Google blog says us. Also it’s been noted that list of products that will be forbidden isn’t full and can expand in future. Also at the same time Google is going to forbid the advertisements of binary options and similar products.

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El Petro Tokens

Bitcoin exchanges in China and Finland, Venezuela’s new cryptocurrency

Before we start talking about El Petro I want to tell you that OKCoin (a Chinese Bitcoin exchange) CEO has announced about his willingness to cooperate with Chinese government. He told his workers in shared WeChat-group that he informed the headman of National bank of Chine about expanding the organization abroad and make blockchain technology researches. In the context of press conference there was accentuated that company is ready to give everything in hands of government. Though it is still unclear if he was mentioning all crypto currency business of OKCoin or only the research results.

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Bitcoin tokensale

Tokens, female cryptocurrencies and malware miners

Before we start to talk about mining malware I would like to tell you about some tokensale that has attracted a large amounts of money. Not so long ago investors have invested a seven million dollars into female cryptocurrency during the presale stage. The investment platform called Blockchain Equi has attracted this amount of money just in few days. The presale for investors who are ready to invest at least 100 thousand dollars has launched during the beginning of March. The main ICO stage is starting after 15th of March and minimal investment there will be at least 100 bucks.

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Bitcoin and Altcoin regulators in Germany

Bitcoin Regulators in Germany: what is going on?

Before we start talking about Bitcoin and Altcoin regulators I must tell you that Uber’s co-owner has announced about creating the new global cryptocurrency. Harrett Camp who is one of megapopular Uber startup creator has announced about launching its’ own cryptocurrency called Eco. That’s what Fortune magazine is saying. According to him he wants that this global digital currency would be possible to use for daily transactions. In general there will be released one trillion of Eco coins. Half of them will be freely distributed between first billion of registered and verified users. One fifth of them will be given to the Universities who are going to control the trusted… Read More

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Initial Coin Offering Insurance

ICO insurance, Chinese regulators, Coinbase users and blockchain inside your car

  Before we start to talk about ICO insurance we must tell that China is going to check the bank accounts of all crypto currency traders. Yes, you have heard it right: Chinese government is going to get more strict about platforms that allow Chinese people to sell cryptocurrency on foreign platforms. According to the Bloomberg regulators are going to start checking accounts in Chinese banks along with payment systems that are owned by both physical and juridical persons if these persons are making trades on foreign cryptocurrency platforms. Assets of those people can get blocked and those clients can get no service for doing so.

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