Despite the fact that there are no pandas in Austria (maybe except the zoo) this Bitcoin broker is based exactly there and offers its’ customers pretty wide range of payment methods as well as tasty prices. It works both with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Payment Methods

BitPanda loves you all so it accepts every popular payment method including these:

  • Visa/Mastercard Debit or Credit Card
  • Skrill
  • paysafecard
  • iDEAL
  • International Bank Transfer
  • Local Bank Deposit
  • Yadex.Money

And this is just a short version of list. Rest of the payment methods you can find on their website’s FAQ.


Being Austrian service BitPanda is working with all European countries. But if you are from USA then you are not allowed to use BitPanda’s service.


Since company is working in Austria it is bounded by so called statutory regulations. In order to keep things going and not to get closed they collect some information from their customers. People can verify their accounts via videochat which is very quick and takes about only ten minutes. All you will need is just a passport.

About the limits

There are different levels of verification in BitPanda. They all are based on how much information you are willing to give.

  • Email: submitting just an e-mail won’t lead you to buying bitcoins. But it will allow you to sell them. So if you have some BTCs on your wallets that you are willing to share with other then you can sell up to 1K euro worth of bitcoins per day and up to 7,500 euros per month.
  • Phone number: now since phone number is more of a personal thing then sharing it with BitPanda will open you a totally different doors. You will be able not only sell but also get some of bitcoins yourself too. You are allowed to use any kind of payment methods but there is a limit: 50 euros per day. Unless you are using Visa or Master for that purpose.
  • ID: providing BitPanda your ID will give you all the options would like to see. After that you will be allowed to buy 350 euro worth Bitcoins using your credit card every day. And 10 000 per month. If you prefer to use some other payment methods then limit will be even more lower: 5 000 euro Bitcoins every day and 75 000 euro BTCs every month. You definitely have some space here.


Talking about speed most of payments here are instant. Only exception could be SEPA transfers which usually take somewhere around a day.


Fees aren’t high here although you won’t find them looking to the website. They will be included in your price when you will be about to checkout.

Customer Support

BitPanda’s customer is really quick and you can use request form on any page of the website.


Pros of BitPanda

  • Low fees (for credit card users)
  • Wide range of payment options

Cons of BitPanda

  • You can’t see fees until you get to the checkout page



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